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Water Tank installations and services in Pakenham

Are you looking to install a water tank Pakenham? Look no further! Our rainwater tank installation service is here to provide the best water storage solutions for your residential and commercial needs.


We specialize in installing water tanks of all shapes, sizes, and capacities that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements, be it above or underground.

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With our experienced team of professionals, we ensure high-quality workmanship and excellent customer service from start to finish.


Whether you need a water tank for drinking water or harvesting rainwater, we have the perfect solution for your property.


Contact us today and let us help you make the most out of every drop with our top-notch water tank installation services!

Different types of rainwater harvesting systems

Rainwater harvesting is an ancient practice that has been utilized for centuries, and modern technology is bringing it back into mainstream use in the 21st century.


Rainwater harvesting systems are designed to capture, store, and redistribute rainwater for a number of uses such as irrigation, household water supply, and even drinking.

For household water use the quality requirements and recommendations to use rainwater safely for drinking can be found here

The different types of rainwater harvesting systems are:

  • Water Butt - The most basic type of water collection. Its the process of collecting water from natural rainfall and/or drain pipes into a tank or cistern.

  • Direct Pumped - A direct pumped water harvesting system (both submersible and suction), is a method of collecting rainwater for domestic and agricultural use. This system relies on an electric motor-driven pump that is either submerged in the water source or connected to it via a suction pipe located usually in the utility room. The water is then pumped directly to where its needed.

  • Indirect Pumped - This type of system involves collecting rainwater in a tank or reservoir, then pumping it through a booster pump to various outlets to provide pressurized water supply.

  • Gravity Only - As the name suggest this system relies solely on gravity. Water is collected into tanks or cisterns, which have to be installed at a higher level than the outlets but lower than your roof gutters.

  • Indirect Gravity - Water is collected and pumped into a high level tank, which is then allowed to free flow through gravity into various outlets or gardening hoses.

  • Retention bonds - These are man-made water bodies designed to store and manage surface water runoff. They are a vital component of urban landscapes and can provide a range of ecological benefits, from protecting natural habitats and providing flood control and irrigation to improving water quality for livestock

  • Underground storage - Underground storage tanks are a popular choice when the majority of rainfall takes place in one season. With a low rate of evaporation and insulated structure, these tanks provide superior protection compared to surface storage tanks. A pump is needed to provide water for various outlets

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We can install and integrate any type of water harvesting system

The most commonly used rainwater harvesting system involves collecting rain from areas where it runs off rooftops, paved surfaces or other impermeable surfaces. This type of system utilizes gutters, downspouts and pipes to collect water from the roof surface and send it to a water storage tank or cistern for later use.


The stored water can then be used directly or re-distributed through a drip irrigation system for agricultural applications.

Overall, there are many different types of rainwater harvesting systems available today depending on site conditions, local regulations, budget constraints and desired end-use purposes.


Our specialized professionals can help homeowners evaluate various options in order to find one that best suits your particular needs while simultaneously reducing overall reliance on traditional municipal supplies which can lead to long-term savings on energy costs associated with obtaining potable water from public sources.

rainwater collection concept
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